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Show an Ad every time user receives a call

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Show an Ad every time user unlocks the phone

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Push an Ad as soon as the call is complete


Monetize your app with our comprehensive but
light weight SDKs and deliver high quality
content for a great user experience.

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Our robust Mediation platform makes for an efficient and highly competitive marketplace where multiple Ad networks compete to give you the highest eCPMs. Easy integration and customization SDKs, you have access to our global inventory to drive the maximum revenue for your app.

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At AdsJack, we are dedicatedly researching ways to create Ad placements which are innovative, interactive and engaging.
While delivering high quality Ads, we are adamant about creating real value for both Publishers and Advertisers.

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Targeted Ads

Only have relevant Ads being
displayed to your users.

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Control the look and feel of our
solutions to enrich your users' experiences.

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Global Reach

Our global base of advertisers
ensures you maximum revenue,
regardless of the country of your users.

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Seamless Integration

Deploy our easy-to-install
solutions on your website or
mobile app within minutes.

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On Time Payments

Rest easy knowing we have paid
publishers on time, every time
since our inception.

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Our dashboard provides straight-forward
reporting with actionable statistics to analyze
and optimize your results in real-time.